My Mission

My mission is to guide and inspire you to get into the best shape of your life. I am dedicated to the genuine practice and authentic teachings of Ashtanga Yoga as taught to me by my Guru, Sri K Pattabhi Jois. I believe that anyone can get healthy and fit with a regular program of yoga and good nutrition and achieve personal transformation and self-mastery.

about me

I received my yoga teacher training in 1999 through IYTA, and commenced a four year apprenticeship with Eileen Hall in Sydney.  I have been practicing and teaching more or less from that moment to this day.  

In 2022 I completed training in mindfulness meditation through the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness, and End of Life Doula training through the Australian Doula college.

I live on the Central Coast with my two teenagers.

I love the exploration and adventure I have with myself through my yoga practice, movement and adventure in general, and giving people tools to do the same. I am grateful to be teaching. Teaching is important to me in that it connects me to a message much larger than myself and helps to put everyday life into perspective. Students also, play an important part in keeping that learning alive for me.


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