CLASS schedule

Wednesday 9am Ashtanga yoga Mysore Style, all levels welcome

Thursday 6:30pm Hatha Yoga general, most levels welcome


10 class pass $175 

Drop in class $25 

Private Class $120/ 90 mins, $160/ 120 mins.

General information

I teach according to your level using a vinyasa style. Vinyasa style means that I use the breath and counting the breath to link the different poses together. The sequence I follow is based on the Ashtanga sequence as this has been tested and proven over time. Gradually I bring you into the primary series. If you are already practicing the primary series I am able to guide you into second series, and even third series, as it has been taught to me. I focus on posture alignment, breath, dristhi, bandha and relaxation so that you connect with your body on the deepest level allowing organic transformation of your body/ mind/ soul.


* Please consider others and refrain from wearing perfumes, strong oils or deodorants.

* Arrive for practice with a clean mat, body and clothing.

* Advise your teacher if you are running late, or not coming at all.

* If pregnant we recommend that you do not practice for the 1st trimester.

* When using any of the props, blankets chairs etc, please place them back neatly.

* Please consider others by moving your mat and making space if need be.


*Wear comfortable, but not baggy clothing.

* Come on an empty stomach;  4 hours after a large meal, 2 hours after a light snack.

* Refrain from drinking during class.  You can drink before and after.

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